Do Black Americans Care About America?

The broader question is whether most blacks in this country care about the preservation of their, yes THEIR, western civilization. Most of the blacks that I know, unfortunately, do not seem to care. They continue to view themselves as castaways. A purpose-driven separate but equal status, within a civilization that could not have been built without them, has become their de facto badge of honor. This is strange. I wonder if they ever ask themselves how they will be able to perform in a borderless and globally governed “United States”? As our country moves more towards being completely colonized by various multi-national entities that openly advocate invasive migrations that will begin to render null and void our rule of law, whom will they blame? They may not care about American rule of law now, but at some point when it begins to affect their consumption habits, they will. Then what?

Am I generalizing about American blacks? Yes, I am because at this point it is very difficult not to. Am I turning them into scapegoats, using them as a point of first contact for many of the racial and cultural problems that we face? I don’t think so. But increasingly, I think that they are becoming a bigger part of the problem. They, more than anyone else, are the ones keeping the “soft bigotry of low expectations” regressive white socialists in business.

Debbie and I have been having some good conversations about this topic with various people. Debbie likes to lead me back to the Bible when we get into these conversations. She says that there is nothing new under the sun about type of nihilism that American blacks have been exhibiting for the last few decades. She says that many cultures throughout history have gone through the same thing. Nihil sub sole novum.