Donald J. Trump: Contra Mundum, Contra Barbaros

In various conversations with Debbie, I have said that our country is too morally and spiritually sick to cure. No politician can disrupt the diabolical spell that I believe most Americans are now under. And although I recently found myself giddy with excitement at the prospects of  a Donald J. Trump presidency, and having had every intention of voting for him in my state’s primaries, I have decided to stand by my original statement. I will not vote in the general election even if he is the nominee. It’s time to recover what we can of our Judeo-Christian and classical foundations while letting the rest burn.

That being said, I still really, really, really want him to get the GOP nomination because if he lives to run a complete general election campaign (in addition to one too many assassination attempts, the lives of his children might also be threatened, forcing him to drop out), I believe that he will completely destroy whomever the Democrats finally choose. But this would only help to buy some of us a bit more time to prepare for the worst. I say it’s just time to face up to what’s coming. The sooner the better.

Debbie and I also recently talked about the classical understanding of the word dictator. It’s too bad that the “progressives” have been very successful–by means of their 5o+ year takeover of the nation’s K-12 curricula–at creating an insipid understanding of  our political foundations, which are very much rooted in classical antiquity. This is why when people like Ben Carson or John McCain reference ancient Rome, they stick to the tropes. Rome was once a great Empire, but then it fell because of corruption. Or, the people were too busy with the bread and circuses that they did not see their Empire crumbling all around them. How shallow! How are these references supposed to help us understand what is really going on today? Haven’t all great civilizations been doomed to failure because of corruption?

Why don’t the Carsons and McCains talk about Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus against the Aequians? Why won’t they talk about Marcus Furius Camillus against the Veientians? These men were dictators during the Republic. And they were indeed Makers of Rome.

Perhaps Ben Carson knows more than he is letting on. Perhaps he just does not have any confidence in the intellect of the people whom he is addressing.

Bonam Fortunam et Vale Donald J Trump!