Big Gay – The lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Mafia that is masquerading as a “tolerance” movement. In actuality, they now work with Big Government, Big Money, and Big Media to silence and publicly humiliate people with whom they disagree creating a culture of fear and cowardice.

Big Government – A beast posing as the legitimate seat of government for the people in our Constitutional Republic. It grows exponentially every day because of its  insatiable appetite for the money of taxpayers. Social justice, fiscally obtuse Democrats and unscrupulous Republicans are the feeding tubes for this leviathan.

Christian Classical Education – A coherent Christ-centered pedagogy that emphasizes the seven traditional liberal arts, categorized under the headings trivium and quadrivium.

Colonials – African or Caribbean immigrants residing in the United States or Europe who grew up under European colonial rule in their home countries. Although they have good work ethics and place a huge value on job-generating education, for the most part, they love Big Government and see its leaders as infallible. They are civil-service minded people, which is what they imbibed from their experiences under colonial rule.

Contra-theists – Those who call themselves atheists but constantly refer to the failings of a deity that they claim does not exist. They intend for people to understand their atheism as synonymous with their inherent intelligence or well-researched understanding of how the material world works. However, when probed using the most elementary paradigms of formal or material logic, they almost always resort to informal argument fallacies (e.g. ad fontem, appeals to emotion, or red herrings) to try to prove weak arguments for the nonexistence of God. Instead, they end up exposing that they are against God as opposed to believing that He does not exist.

Negroes – Race-baiting and race- obsessed blacks that live in a time warp. They are virtual citizens of Jim Crow America because that is the era that they feel most comfortable identifying with. Although the term Negro was once used politely to show our nation’s progress on race issues, we use the term to show how far certain people have regressed on race issues. The primary role of Negroes, now that they have allowed the history of slavery and bigotry in the United States to be used for various contra-theistic and  multicultural agendas, is to function as a conduit for the complete breakdown of our society. They are everywhere– especially in Big Government and Big Media. Although they still like to refer to themselves as Christians, watch for them to become increasingly supportive of Big Gay.